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  • If you’re thinking in spending your next holiday sailing in the Mediterranean sea, then you should consider Corsica as the place to go to.  Often described as ‘L’Ile de beauté’ or the Island of beauty,  and with deep azure blue waters and white sandy bays and a rugged mountaineous landscape as a impressive backdrop, it’s not hard to see why.

    Corsica winds

    Corsica has some superb sailing conditions. Not only is the mediterranean climate the dream of every tourist, but the winds are ideal to go sailing. During the high season from June to September, the prevailing wind is the Mistral, a strong westerly wind blowing past the north cape of Corsica and between Sardinia and Corsica in het Bonifacio Strait. In the winter months, the Sirocco blows southeast while the southwesterly Libeccio is common during summer and autumn.


    Ajaccio probably will be the first place you set food on when arriving in Corsica. The old harbour is amongs the finest places to feel the Corsican way of living while sitting at the terrace of a café or enjoying one of the local cuisine specialties served in the restaurants. Seafood is a delicacy here since you’re close to the sea.

    Heading South

    The routing heading south of Ajaccio is one of the best in the region, as you will pass along some of the best sand beaches. Plage d’Argent is a great stop for lunch while Propriano is the best wild anchor spot you will find, in the middle of a small creek surrounded by the white granite cliff rocks.

    Strait of Bonifacio

    The Strait of Bonifacio is the strait in between the southern tip of Corsica and Sardinia. Famous for its white cliffs and strong winds, this is a popular area for sailing. Bonifacio, situated at the most southern tip of the island is described as a must see destination. Its exotic cliff-top setting gives the best photo opportunities while the well-preserved fortified town itself is a fascinating place to explore. The Strait is shared with the Lavezzi Archipelago, a group of hundres small islands making it great for island hopping. The archipelago is part of the Bouches de Bonifacio, the largest nature reserve in France. With more than 300 varieties of plants, this pristine wilderness is a real must. The Lavezzi Islands Marine Reserve, just off the coast of Bonifacio, is popular among snorkeling an scuba diving enthusiasts. The underwater world is inhabited by exotic fish like the rainbow wrasse and the silver bream.


    Another great stop in your sailing journey in Corsica is the lively town of Calvi. With a picturesque marina located into the Bay of Calvi and beautiful beaches nearby, this is a popular tourist destination for anyone who lakes swimming and sunbathing.

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